Eagle Touch message

The spirit of the eagle travels between heaven and earth, guiding us on the path to higher consciousness. 

Eagle Touch is my small contribution to help expand consciousness and raise the vibration of the planet. I believe, in the midst of all this chaos, we have a golden opportunity to remember our interconnectedness and come together for the greater good of all. It’s time to remember who we really are, and it’s time to reunite the tribe. We are all being called to step out of the small egocentric self and step into our Cosmic Self. We start by healing the deep divisions and wars we carry individually, that contribute to the limiting story we tell and live. As we heal individually, we hold the intention for the healing of the collective.

An Indian saint said: “The aim is an entire revolution of man in his thoughts, words and deeds. Ultimately this individual revolution will lead to a universal revolution for all time. What is the weapon for achieving this revolution? BE A COSMIC LOVER.” Reconnecting with your cosmic self will create profound changes in your personal life and help bring healing to the planet.

The idea of separation is an illusion. We are one cosmic body, one cosmic consciousness, and we are part of one cosmic story. Let us awaken and help to reunite the tribe. Let the sacred knowledge of the ancestors guide all beings to freedom. 

“Be good, do good, be humble, be pure, be compassionate, you will attain illumination.”

– Kriya Mulaguru Babaji