Michele M., Woodland Hills, CA

Chris’ teaching style is completely authentic and inspired. It is apparent that he is guided by spirit. During the weekend, he held a space of learning for us with so much love and support, we all experienced breakthroughs, revelations, and abundant joy. Chris’ knowledge of Reiki combined with his way of empowering the class made for a life-changing experience. I can’t help but go on to Reiki II. Part of my intention for taking Reiki I was to learn how to heal my migraines.

Lucky me, I had one the first day of class, and Chris used me to teach the Reiki positions. He asked me to set an intention for the healing. I couldn’t think of how to put it—get rid of these migraines! Release my migraines—”I’m ready!” Chris helped me focus and said, “How about: I’m ready to release the energies creating the migraines.” What I gained from the healing was incredible. All weekend I received information (especially during the attunements) about the energies that cause the migraines. This information was not about food or medications. It had to do with nurturing my spirit among other things. I still get an occasional headache, but to me they are indicators of a release and sometimes a need to breathe and honor myself. They are not excruciating anymore, more like nudges or reminders.

I am so grateful to have been given this healing, as well as the tools to be able to continue to share the light.