A Journey to Health and Wholeness

In my experience, healing is transformation from one state of being to another that is more in line with who you say you want to be. Healing is a journey to health and wholeness. It is a process of purifying our energetic body, down to the physical cellular level. A shaman from Darjeeling told me that the body is made up of memory from our ancestors, past lives and our current life. So it makes sense that we begin healing by purifying our past memories in the subtle energy bodies, down to the physical cellular level, that have developed into physical disease, mental/emotional imbalances, addictions, relationship issues, financial instability, spiritual disconnection, and on and on.

When we are bogged down with the heavy load from past conditionings, we forget our connection to the natural world and our cosmic connection, which further isolates us and keeps us in the same cycle of unhealthy thinking and actions. I believe the instabilities, deep divisions and global upheavals we are witnessing is in large due to our spiritual disconnection and disconnection to the natural world.

We have become an “I” society. We have forgotten that Pure Consciousness, again Spirit, is all there is, ever was, and ever will be. The healing for the individual and the collective begins with healing of these divisions and restoring our relationship with Mother Earth and the essence of life, which I call Spirit.

Photo courtesy of Zorba The Buddha, New Delhi, India.

Healing Is Possible

My own healing journey, from two fatal diagnosis, has shown me that physical healing is possible. The journey to physical healing was the doorway to a deeper healing of the seemingly wounded soul. I say seemingly because, in all actuality, the souls can never be harmed or changed in any way. We can have the experience of traumas, abuses, physical illness, but the true essence of who we really are can never be changed.

The body wants to be healed. The soul is calling for awakening and remembering it’s true essence. I have found that there are five essential elements to beginning a healing journey, whether you are working on physical illness, healing from past traumas, unhealthy patterns or purely soul healing.

  1. An absolute knowing that healing is possible on every level.
  2. Disconnect from the diagnosis or belief that something is wrong with you.
  3. Aligning all your thoughts, words, and actions to reflect the healing or transformation you are seeking.
  4. Finding a healing path that works for you, and being committed to that path. This could be a spiritual path, or a combination of traditional, western therapies and spiritual means.
  5. Letting go of the results and what you think the healing should look like.

The journey is different for everyone, depending on what you are working on. My journey has taught me that my healing was never about the healing of my physical body. It was a doorway to a deeper understanding of who I really am. When you begin to know your true essence, you open the door to understanding Universal Truths and freeing yourself from the illusions of limitations.

My best friend in Guatemala, Rainbow, getting some healing.

Eagle Touch Sessions

I humbly share with you what has so freely been given to me. My calling is to guide the client with their healing journey by assisting them in finding a healing path that benefits them. I do this through deeply listening to your story, intuitive guidance and counseling to find the doorway to your healing.

I offer hands-on energy/sound healing sessions to help with purifying and restoring the energetic memory body to its natural state. You will be given tools to change the mind from working against you to being a positive force in your healing journey. This could including meditations, visualization, and other lifestyle changes.

Mother Earth is a natural healer. She is the Mother, and she will hold you. You will given tools to assist you in reconnecting and aligning your energy with the natural world. In turn, you make the offering to be a healing presence in this world that so desperately needs us to wake up and stand with her.

The truth is, this is your journey. The healing is within. You are the healing. You are the transformation. You are the essence of life. You are Spirit. What that journey looks like, we do not know. We connect with Spirit and dance the dance to healing.

Vasistha’s Cave, Rishikesh, India.

Remote Session

Energy Healing and Counseling Sessions are offered in person or remotely. I divide my time between Los Angeles and India. I do my best to post where I am located throughout the year. Please feel free to contact me to inquire about a session.

Disclaimer: Energy Healing, including Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy®, is not a substitute for any medical advice or treatment. Energy Healers are not trained in diagnosis. If you are concerned about your symptoms, you should seek traditional medical treatment or the advice of a relevant medical professional. Energy Healing can be a compliment to your medical care.

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