Services Offered

Home Retreats

Fees for Home Retreats are based on type of retreat. Please use link below to schedule a free consultation for more information.

Energy and Sound Therapy Session

60 minute Sound & Energy session: $90

Reiki Session

60 minute hands-on Reiki session: $90
Remote Reiki session: $45
Remote Reiki sessions will be followed-up with a Zoom meeting.

Transformational Coaching

60 minute Coaching session: $90
90 minute Combination Coaching & Energy & Sound session: $120

Intuitive Guidance and Counseling

60 minute Intuitive Guidance & Counseling Session: $90

Please do not let finances be a block during the current crisis. The exchange for all service are being offered on sliding scale to accommodate different financial situations. I will work within your budget.

All Home Retreat meetings, Transformational Coaching sessions and Intuitive Guidance & Counseling sessions held via Zoom.

Skype and phone also available.

Please call or email for info.

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