Sessions Available in Los Angeles Through October, 2018

I’ll be retuning to India in just a few weeks. Before leaving LA, I’ll be offering private Energy & Sound Healing Sessions.

Sessions Available in Los Angeles
September 27 – October 26, 2018

“Healing is simply transforming from one state of being to another more desirable state of being.”

The use of energy helps to raise vibration, restore life force and balance to the energetic subtle bodies so that healing is possible. A counseling session follows to help you continue the healing process.

The work can be deep, heart opening and transforming. The intention can be anything that is limiting you, including physical healing, mental/emotional issues, limiting patterns, spiritual disconnection.

My personal healing has proved to me that transformation is possible in all areas of one’s life. I’ve learned that healing is a decision and a commitment between you and the Universe. The “healer” is just there to help make that connection, to show you what is possible, and to reflect back to you the Divine Essence that permeates all aspects of creation, and that includes you.


“Salutations to that reality in which all the elements, and all the animate and inanimate beings shine as if they have an independent existence, and in which they exist for a time and into which they merge.

Salutations to that consciousness which is the source of the apparently distinct threefold divisions of knower, knowledge and known, seer, sight and seen, doer, doing and deed.

Salutations to that bliss absolute (the ocean of bliss) which is the life of all beings whose happiness and unfoldment is derived from the shower of spray from the ocean of bliss”

~Vasistha’s Yoga