Scott H.
Palm Springs, CA

Chris came into my life when I had been going through some major life changes and transitions. My original intention was to get my power back after an especially challenging period. Traditional counseling had not been working for me and I was feeling the need for a different approach. What has emerged in my sessions with Chris is transformation on a level I did not expect. In working to release old patterns and negative energy, I have learned (and am still learning) to tap into my consciousness to open myself up to new ways of looking at myself and life. In many ways, the experience has been indescribable, but, overall, ultimately amazing.

Liora Z.
Orange County, CA

I have known Chris as a friend, healer and Reiki teacher for almost a decade. He is a very loving, caring, and gentle person who is deeply connected to Gaia and to Spirit. These attributes are very evident when working with me and a family member in his healing practice.  In addition to being a Reiki Master, Chris incorporates shamanic and other healing practices, and he is able to get to the root issues of imbalances, be they mental, physical, emotional, and/or spiritual.  I have also worked with Chris as a Reiki instructor, and find him to be thorough,  flexible, patient,  and knowledgeable.  While learning traditional Reiki techniques of healing, Chris also encourages students to connect to their individual “healer within” and follow their own inner guidance while developing their own unique healing “style”.

Rebekah P.
Los Angeles

I started receiving healing treatments and readings from Chris about 2 years ago. After almost a decade of conscious work through self-help modalities, I was ready for another level of healing and spiritual awareness. Through psychic readings, Chris was able to guide and help me uncover ideas that were laying dormant inside.

I have since found a new career path that I feel passionate about! It was a perfect compliment to his healing treatments, which lifted the dark residue of past traumas, helping me move on so much faster than I ever imagined.

I’ve also had a really beautiful mediumship session with Chris, where I was able to communicate with my grandmother. I’d felt terrible for years about losing something of hers, and that was how she chose to let me know it was really her! I got a lot of clarity surrounding relationships with other family members and let the guilt go. It was so comforting to know I still have her support after she’d passed on.

Chris is a wonderful intuitive healer, and powerful psychic medium, and I recommend his services to anyone looking for clarity and healing.

Deepak S.R.
New Delhi, India

I met Chris Eagle in 2016 at Zorba the Buddha in New Delhi India. He came highly recommend by his fellow shaman healers at the Osho centre. Â My experience with him in group session as well as in one on one sessions were simply amazing. Chris is very gentle in taking you in deep meditation yet his unique technique of cleansing is very strong. After the individual sessions with him I felt this incredible sense of lightness which has helped me to this day. I highly recommend a session or even in a group facilitated by Chris Eagle because he is an shaman extroidnare. There is so much I want to add but to keep it simple and to point!!! It’s a magical and wonderful experience!!! Can’t wait for him to come back to India to heal us all!!! Blessings always!!!

Lyvonne K.
Ventura, CA

For years, I have chosen to experience a variety of healers for my spiritual growth and well being. I have to admit that Chris is a deeply committed, gifted and intuitive healer in so many ways. In each of my sessions with Chris, he has guided me through the exact medium of healing I have needed at the time and expanded my mind, body, energy and spirit. I am so honored to have found him! And, so it is!

Connie R.
Benton City, WA

The beauty of being with Chris in the Reiki mentor-ship process is that his inner light is so outwardly illuminating for me. His wisdom is ageless and to me he is the perfect catalyst for budding healers and light-workers. His love of the beautiful Reiki energy and his devotion to healing and guiding others on their healing path is so palpable. He makes the journey very sweet through his gentle yet profound teaching and guidance skills.

My connection to the energy expanded exponentially with the Reiki l class I took from Chris and my life opened up in the most amazing forms instantly. I was able to practice Reiki on people at a local metaphysical bookstore right away and the feedback was way beyond what I could have ever imagined! I’m now putting together a website and business cards as there is a demand for them! Material manifesting opened up immediately too. I asked the Universe for a massage table to do Reiki at home and someone gave me one within a week of taking his class! I took his class just a last month and am excited for Reiki ll next month! I am forever grateful for his generosity of heart.

Candy, D.
Los Angeles

I have had the privilege to connect with Chris in both his private healing sessions and Reiki classes and cannot put into words the way in which he has changed my life. Chris is extremely connected to spirit and this can be felt in his healings and witnessed in his teachings. His words and healing provided guidance for me to heal myself and my life. I can not recommend him enough.

The energy work has been done on me in person and at a distance. Each time I shared that there was an imbalance, Chris was attentive and knowledgeable in finding what it was I needed to feel better straight away!

Alisa C.
Los Angeles, CA

Chris has a real gift. During my intuitive reading, he addressed so many facets of my personal life with such accuracy. I felt comfortable, relaxed and safe throughout the entire session, and I left with an empowering sense of clarity. I can honestly say that Chris’ words of guidance have led me towards taking steps to improve my life. I very much look forward to my next session with him.

Lamont V.
Los Angeles, CA

I continue to be inspired by Chris’ transformation. My Reiki session was powerfully informative. It confirmed things that I already knew and has inspired me to continue to LIVE BIG!

Robin H.
Los Angeles, CA

Chris and I met in a healing class. Very quickly I sensed something very spiritual and powerful about him. We talked about his energy work and when he mentioned connecting with my angels something clicked for me. I scheduled an appointment and when I arrived the space was lofty, airy and open to the work we were going to do. Chris is very intuitive and the two sessions I had with him made a huge difference in some things I was going through at the time. He took the time to talk through the session afterward and provided me with valuable information about my angels, my energy and some insights as to where my path was taking me. I highly recommend Chris and his amazing work.

Ritnika N.
New Delhi, India

I met Chris Eagle during a confused time in my life and after meeting him everything changed for the better. I attended his sessions and then worked with him on a one on one basis to learn all that he could offer. He has made me into the person and healer I am today and owe him a huge debt of gratitude. Chris is so open-minded, humble and fun and makes this journey we are all on so much easier and fulfilling.

Debbie J.

Chris gave a completely egoless reading. His words are downloaded with a gentle compassion that only spirit guides would know how to relay. His reading was accurate and on point especially when it came to people and their personalities. I would highly recommend his readings to anyone.

Michele M.
Woodland Hills, CA

Chris’ teaching style is completely authentic and inspired. It is apparent that he is guided by spirit. During the weekend, he held a space of learning for us with so much love and support, we all experienced breakthroughs, revelations, and abundant joy. Chris’ knowledge of Reiki combined with his way of empowering the class made for a life-changing experience. I can’t help but go on to Reiki II. Part of my intention for taking Reiki I was to learn how to heal my migraines.

Lucky me, I had one the first day of class, and Chris used me to teach the Reiki positions. He asked me to set an intention for the healing. I couldn’t think of how to put it—get rid of these migraines! Release my migraines—”I’m ready!” Chris helped me focus and said, “How about: I’m ready to release the energies creating the migraines.” What I gained from the healing was incredible. All weekend I received information (especially during the attunements) about the energies that cause the migraines. This information was not about food or medications. It had to do with nurturing my spirit among other things. I still get an occasional headache, but to me they are indicators of a release and sometimes a need to breathe and honor myself. They are not excruciating anymore, more like nudges or reminders.

I am so grateful to have been given this healing, as well as the tools to be able to continue to share the light.