Connie R., Benton City, WA

The beauty of being with Chris in the Reiki mentor-ship process is that his inner light is so outwardly illuminating for me. His wisdom is ageless and to me he is the perfect catalyst for budding healers and light-workers. His love of the beautiful Reiki energy and his devotion to healing and guiding others on their healing path is so palpable. He makes the journey very sweet through his gentle yet profound teaching and guidance skills.

My connection to the energy expanded exponentially with the Reiki l class I took from Chris and my life opened up in the most amazing forms instantly. I was able to practice Reiki on people at a local metaphysical bookstore right away and the feedback was way beyond what I could have ever imagined! I’m now putting together a website and business cards as there is a demand for them! Material manifesting opened up immediately too. I asked the Universe for a massage table to do Reiki at home and someone gave me one within a week of taking his class! I took his class just a last month and am excited for Reiki ll next month! I am forever grateful for his generosity of heart.