Liora Z., Orange County, CA

I have known Chris as a friend, healer and Reiki teacher for almost a decade. He is a very loving, caring, and gentle person who is deeply connected to Gaia and to Spirit. These attributes are very evident when working with me and a family member in his healing practice.  In addition to being a Reiki Master, Chris incorporates shamanic and other healing practices, and he is able to get to the root issues of imbalances, be they mental, physical, emotional, and/or spiritual.  I have also worked with Chris as a Reiki instructor, and find him to be thorough,  flexible, patient,  and knowledgeable.  While learning traditional Reiki techniques of healing, Chris also encourages students to connect to their individual “healer within” and follow their own inner guidance while developing their own unique healing “style”.
Liora Z.
Orange County, CA