Rebekah P., Los Angeles

I started receiving healing treatments and readings from Chris about 2 years ago. After almost a decade of conscious work through self-help modalities, I was ready for another level of healing and spiritual awareness. Through psychic readings, Chris was able to guide and help me uncover ideas that were laying dormant inside.

I have since found a new career path that I feel passionate about! It was a perfect compliment to his healing treatments, which lifted the dark residue of past traumas, helping me move on so much faster than I ever imagined.

I’ve also had a really beautiful mediumship session with Chris, where I was able to communicate with my grandmother. I’d felt terrible for years about losing something of hers, and that was how she chose to let me know it was really her! I got a lot of clarity surrounding relationships with other family members and let the guilt go. It was so comforting to know I still have her support after she’d passed on.

Chris is a wonderful intuitive healer, and powerful psychic medium, and I recommend his services to anyone looking for clarity and healing.