Transformational Coaching

A transformation starts with initiation, and like unto a seed that is sown in the earth ultimately culminates in the grand fruit of realization.

~Kriya Babaji

All Transformational Coaching sessions held via Zoom.

Transformational coaching is guidance on your journey to self-discovery, healing and transformation. It’s a path to living your highest potential as the unlimited being that you already are. And it’s a path to realizing your life goals. The path to what you are seeking is within you. The coaching helps you to see what is already there.

Our life path begins to unfold as we consciously do our inner work.

We begin with story

What story are you living? What limiting beliefs and patterns are you holding as truths? The story may reveal that some limiting beliefs and pattern have been inherited through your ancestral lineage, and some are stem from conditioning from your current life experience.

Once we get a clear picture on where you are at, you’ll then be guided on a loving path to living a new story. We do that by literally changing the mind.


A combination of traditional coaching, shamanic and spiritual methods, along with mindfulness practices are used to create a unique program specific to your individual needs and intentions.

Practices may include:

  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Self-care
  • Rebalancing the body’s system through energy & sound
  • Breathwork
  • Connection to Mother Earth
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Journaling
  • Creative exercises
  • Contemplation to expand consciousness
  • Prayer and healing intentions for the planet

No prior experience of any of the practices needed. Instructions will be given during the counseling sessions.

Who can benefit?

Transformational Coaching is for anyone:

  • Seeking to transform and expand their life experience
  • Seeking clarity and guidance on their life path
  • Seeking a path to achieve their life goals
  • Anyone on a healing path
  • Feeling called to a spiritual path
  • Wishing to expand their current spiritual path
  • Wanting to expand their consciousness
  • Being called to be part of the healing of Mother Earth
  • Anyone who is seeking a path to overcome limitation

We Are One

We are all part of this mysterious and unlimited Universe. We are all expressions of the One Infinite Consciousness. We all have it within us to transform our life’s to reflect that highest truth. As we live that Truth, we become part of the healing of the planet.

You are already a
liberated being:
live like one!

~The Rishi, Vasistha

May all beings be free!


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