Usui Reiki

What Is Reiki?

A divine, infinite intelligence guides the healing energy

Reiki is Japanese for universal life-force energy. Reiki is an ancient healing modality that promotes transformation, healing and wellbeing. Reiki can be sent in-person using a hands-on method, or sent over distance. Reiki works on the energetic body, which in turn promotes healing of the physical and mental/emotional body, as well as our spirit. During an in-person session, the client relaxes fully clothed, on a massage table, as the Reiki practitioner channels Reiki energy to different areas of the physical body and energetic body.

Remote sessions are just as effective. We are all connected by the web of life. This allows the Reiki practitioner to connect energetically with the client to facilitate healing.

Some Benefits of Reiki

Assists In Maintaining Physical Health
Assists In Healing Of The Body
Reduces Or Eliminates Pain
Reduces Stress
Balances And Harmonizes The Energetic System
Increases Energy
Boosts And Improves The Immune System
Promotes Clarity Of Mind
Heals Limiting Conditioning Of The Mind
Assists With Overcoming Addiction Issues
Improves Confidence Level And Self-Esteem
Promotes Creativity 
Opens Up The Path To New Experiences
Awakens Us Spiritually

A Little History

Sensi Mikao Usui discovered this loving healing modality while on a personal quest of self-discovery. Sensi Usui traveled to the top of Mt. Kurama to purify himself through fasting and penance. On the twenty first day of his journey, he experienced and awakening of his spirit and the wisdom of Reiki energy.

Intuitively he knew the Reiki was a way to help relieve the suffering of humanity, and he began to share the Reiki through his healing work and teaching the Reiki method to his students. Dr. Chujiro Hayashi was one of his students, who then instructed Madame Hawayo Takata. Madame Takata is responsible for bring Usui Reiki to the US, and he teaching method is still used to this day.

My Personal Experience

I personally love the Reiki energy. It has been so generous with me throughout my personal healing journey, and as someone called to offer healing. I have personally experienced profound physically healing. I must say, the physical healing is due to deeper healings, of old wounds and scars from past traumas, and old conditioning of the mind.

My life has been completely transformed through the help of the Reiki energy. My offering of healing, and sharing the Usui Reiki method through teaching, is a continuation of my personal healing journey. Both continue to transform me in ways I could not have imagined. I love teaching Usui Reiki. It’s a blessing to witness students connect with the Reiki energy and awaken to the possibilities of healing.

Reiki came to me in a magical and synchronistic way. I was guided to an amazing teacher who shared the Usui Reiki method with a pure heart, and a deep commitment to healing and transformation. I got from her that healing and transformation IS possible, and it’s available to all who seek it.

Although my healing path has led me to study many healing modalities, Usui Reiki continues to be close to my heart. It’s loving, pure vibration, has the potential for deep and profound healing. I’ve experienced it, and witnessed it, both in the classroom and with clients.

The Good News

Reiki, and other energy healing modalities, are no longer confined to the metaphysical community. Over the last decade, there have been numerous studies on the benefits of Reiki and energy healing. Reiki is widely recognized, and is being used in hospitals, nursing homes and in hospice care. Today, traditional medical practitioners are being trained in the healing art of Reiki, including medical doctors, nurses, acupuncturist, massage therapist, and chiropractors.

Modern medicine and alternative ways of healing can work in harmony with each other. But both must remember that healing and the relief of suffering is primary purpose. I think we are getting there.

My Usui Reiki Lineage

Dr. Mikao Usui
Dr. Chujiro Hayashi
Madame Hawayo Takata
Virginia Samdahl
Joyce Morris
Arleta Soares
Chris Eagle