The journey to health and wholeness can be a beautiful and profound path to self-discovery. It gives us the opportunity to go within and discover our true nature. As we discover our true nature we discover the nature of the Universe. 

Transformation of any kind is an inside job. It’s healing the story we tell through the thoughts we think, the words we say, and our actions. Transformation is literally changing the mind. Healing is a process of purifying the mind and energy body of limiting conditioning that has become a truth, which manifested into some form of suffering. It’s waking up and remembering who you really are, and remembering your connection to all of creation. 

Consciousness expands as you heal and purify the mind and memory body of limiting and outdated conditioning. You experience life though a different lens, and your outer experience shifts and becomes a reflection of the Infinite Self. 

The healing path is a personal journey of self-discovery. You do not know where it will lead you, or what the transformation will look like. The possibilities are unlimited. Healing on every level is possible. Physical healing is possible. Letting go of destructive behavior is possible. Transforming your entire life is possible, but one must be willing to let go of the small egocentric self and enter the Universal self. 

You do this for yourself, and you do this on behave of all beings. 

May all beings be free.