Chris is devoted to being a healing presence. His personal healing journey and years of training have created many ways for him to support people along their paths.

Chris is a Certified Life Coach, Usui Reiki Master-Teacher and Intuitive Reader. He is a student of Vasistha Yoga, an Indian text on consciousness and liberation. Chris also studies Buddhist Mindfulness practices and is a teacher of Meditation.

Extensive training in the Healing Arts, and profound shifts in his way of thinking, have coalesced into the methods used in his Transformational Coaching, Energy & Sound Healing, Intuitive Guidance, and Reiki sessions offered.

Chris has a private practice in Palm Springs, where he and his partner live. He also teaches and offers private sessions in Los Angeles, Latin America, India and Europe.


As a child, Chris felt a loving presence and developed an intimate friendship with Spirit. Although he was raised in a traditional Mexican-Catholic environment, his relationship with God was natural and ancestral. His mother was a single parent who, with the help of her mother and grandmother, raised Chris and his three sisters

His grandmother was the first influence on Chris’ relationship to the earth and healing. She would make plant remedies for upset stomach, tea brews for colds and flus, and candy from fruit trees. She used her healing hands to heal and comfort Chris and his sisters.

Chris’ earliest memory, is working in his grandmother’s garden with his sisters. He would spend hours in their garden, playing with the energy he felt between the palms of his hands, and molding it into a dense ball of light. The energy would become so dense that he couldn’t make his hands touch. This playful way to connect with energy is one of the many tools Chris shares in his workshops.

Life offered many challenges, creating a deep empathy for the experience we have of being human. One can feel this in working with Chris.

He knew from an early age that he was gay. His father was also gay, and his parents divorced when he was 5 years old. Chris experienced sexual abuse beginning at 8 years old. He turned to drugs, becoming addicted at 12 years ols. Chris’ father committed suicide when he was 15. At 21, he was diagnosed with a serious life threatening disease. Years of turmoil and “life’s conditioning” led to a suicide attempt.

Chris’ healing journey began on the hospital bed when he surrendered to Spirit. The ultimate surrender to the persistent call to the healer’s path finally came soon after.

Early into recovery, teachers visited Chris in his dreams. He experienced lucid dreams or “teaching dreams” that created an expansion in his consciousness. He was shown a nonjudgmental, all-loving perspective of his experience in his body, on this planet. He began listening to his spirit guides and receiving more and more guidance and hope. Teachers and mentors showed up in his life, teaching him indigenous ways of healing. Chris’ grandmother began visiting his dreams, urging him back into the arms of Mother Earth, and the ways of healing that were intrinsic to his childhood.

The Healer’s Path

Chris found Usui Reiki. The Usui training was life changing. He released grief, guilt, shame, anger, and layers of energy from wounds left over from childhood traumas, ancestral bondages and past lives. He began to experience his inner light and the biggest gift—a method to offer healing. Chris started teaching Usui Reiki soon after his mastership training was completed.

Offering healing, and teaching Usui Reiki has opened up channels of energy that have transformed Chris’ life and the lives of his students. It’s one of his greatest joys to teach Usui Reiki, and to pass on this beautiful healing method wherever he is in the world.

In healing his spiritual and emotional bodies, he found his physical body was healing as well. He was called to another level of trust in Spirit regarding his old diagnosis. The Topanga Blue Flag Daré community in Topanga Canyon taught him “The 19 Ways to the 5th World”. One of the ways, “The No Enemy Way—committing ourselves to healing war within us and in the world,” called him to a path of deeper healing.

Recognizing the wars Chris carried inside himself was a huge step in making peace with his story. No need to create war on the outside when we embody peace within

The Daré community is an advocate for Mother Earth and all beings. They are conscious stewards of Mother Earth, and are focused on restoring our relationship with the planet and all beings. Through years of training with this community, he learned to do his work sacredly and quietly, and gained the support and confidence to embark on a seven year journey overseas.

From the Highlands of Guatemala to the Himalayas of India, Chris spent time learning indigenous ways of healing and working extensively with plant medicine. He had no prior desire to travel to Guatemala, but heard his inner guidance say loud and clear to “go”. Having put total trust thus far and finding himself healing and thriving, Chris of course listened and ventured.

In Guatemala, he dove into shadow work, making peace with the pain and wars he carried. Working with Shamans and Healers, he learned the power of deep inner work to transform the mind. Chris was put through many tests that brought him a deeper understanding of the universes that exist beside us and within us, and a confidence in his ability to heal himself and others. Through word of mouth, Chris became a well-known healer in the community. He and a few friends formed Musica Medicina.

Musica Medicina offered group Sound Journeys, Workshops on Sound, Energy to Heal, and concerts. Musica Medicina continues in India and Europe.

India and the Healer’s Path

After Guatemala, Chris spent the next three years in India where everything began to come together. He found his voice as a teacher, he learned from the Ganga and the Himalayas, and continued to purify his mind and body memory. India shook him to his core, but he always felt safe. Even at his most vulnerable, he felt cared for by his Indian family and by India herself.

Through a new way of being in the world and his new relationship with his body, he intuitively knew he had healed himself. His body was strong, and he became aware that his vibration had shifted.

It’s clear that his path is the healer’s path. He is committed to doing his small part to raise the vibration of the planet through his teaching and assisting individuals on their path to freedom.

His prayer is that humanity’s relationship with Mother Earth be healed, and that all beings be healed from suffering.

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