Transformational Coaching

“The change of consciousness will be the chief factor, the initial movement, the physical modification will be the subordinate factor, a consequence.”

~Sri Aurobindo

I’m offering for you to join me in a journey of self-discovery and transformation. It’s a journey from our heads to our hearts. It’s a journey to remembering our connection to the Universal Self and all of creation. The gift is expansion of consciousness and living heart centered during these times where the Light of Truth is so needed. The Truth of who you are will set you free, and it will heal the collective consciousness. 

There are practical benefits too. We are meant to live life. Our personal life experience transforms and expands as we do the inner transformational work. We heal and make peace with the old limiting story to make space to live a new expanded story. 

We are creative beings, part of the universal life force. We are without limit, but most of us have forgotten. Our mind conditioning creates the illusion of limitation. Transformational coaching is a journey to purifying the mind of limiting conditioning, and gives us a path to inner transformation, expansion of consciousness, and a path to achieving life goals successfully. 

Creation is made up of dynamic cosmic energy. It’s always in motion, moving with intention. It’s good to remember, energy goes wherever you put your intention. During our time together you will relearn how to focus your energy to create your life experience intentionally. 

We are unique expression of the One Universal Consciousness. The coaching sessions are tailored to your uniqueness and your specific goals. My approach is spiritual in the sense that we connect with the Universal Life Force to guide the process. It’s who we are and what makes life possible. The Universal Life Force is available to us unconditionally. Most of us use it unconsciously. Isn’t it better to connect with it consciously for our wellbeing, for the wellbeing of our loved ones, for the wellbeing of our communities, and for the wellbeing of all living beings? 

We all have it within us to transform our lives. What is needed is faith, faith that transformation is possible, and that transformation is possible for you. It also takes courage and commitment. But it all starts with a decision to transform our lives, and to be a part of the solution to healing the collective. 

Transformational Coaching is for anyone who is seeking to transform and expand their life experience, seeking guidance on a healing path, feeling called to a spiritual path, looking to create something new in their life, feeling the urge to expand their consciousness, wanting to be part of the healing of Mother Earth. It’s for anyone who is seeking a path out of the idea of limitation. 

May all beings be free.