It was told long ago, when the lands of the earth were one land and the people were one tribe. A major event broke up the land and the tribe into seven lands and seven tribes, each taking with them a piece of the tribe’s sacred knowledge. It is said, one day the seven tribes and the sacred knowledge of the ancestors will once again be united, and this will be the beginning of the healing of Mother Earth.

This story came to me years ago. It feels more relevant today than ever. I first related the story to a possible historic event of the First People of Mother Earth, and I still do. I’m witnessing signs that the tribes are beginning to come together. It’s beautiful to be aware of the healing forces amongst all the chaos and distractions all around us. After contemplating this story for many years, I’m seeing now that it’s also guiding us on our individual journey. The outer is a reflection of the inner spirit. The divisions within need to come together and be reunited with the sacred knowledge of the heart. The healing of the planet is one soul at a time reuniting with the sacred knowledge within, and holding the light so that others find their way. The prayer is that one day the light is so bright that it lights the way for the tribe and sacred knowledge to be reunited. 

Eagle Touch is doing it’s part to reunite the tribe.

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